Bruised Saliva

bruised saliva

멍든 침
캔버스 위에 아크릴릭, 160 x 204 cm, 2016 다양한 변화의 형태들과 화사한 발색 효과로 침이라는 원소재의 역겨움을 가리고자 의도했다. 장식적인 패턴들과 계획적이고 의도적으로 남겨진 여백을 통해서 통념적인 회화와 예술작품을 감상한다는 것의 실체에 대해서 재고하도록 만들고자 했다.

Bruised Saliva, 2016
acrylic on canvas, 63 x 80 inch
I have wondered how to make a decorative painting by technical effects on painting with ugly materials and what the audience has gotten from it. I had collected saliva which the people spat that out it carelessly on a street and found decorative patterns and magnified it with expensive colors on canvas as a painting. The used color means not the luxury of imperialism of past but also the personal pain of contemporary.