Heaviest Painting

무거운 그림
노숙인의 골판지와 종이테이프, 38.5 x 31.5 cm, 2016
집 없는 한 사람이 몸을 의지했던 골판지의 한꺼풀을 벗겨 한국의 단색조 그림과 유사한 그림을 만들었다.
가볍디 가벼운 재료 위에 담은 무거운 예술의 의문들.

Heaviest Painting, 2016
corrugated paper of a homeless, 15 x 12 inch
I have wondered how to make a decorative painting by technical effects on painting with ugly materials and what the audience has gotten from it. I had collected saliva which the people spat that out it carelessly on a street and found decorative patterns and magnified it with expensive colors on canvas as a painting. The used color means not the luxury of imperialism of past but also the personal pain of contemporary.