White Painting from Milk

캔버스 위에 얻은 모유, 46 × 53cm, 2005
6개월간의 동냥짓으로 모유母乳를 모아서 만든 흰 그림 캔버스 위에 남겨진 찌꺼기가 부패하면서 모유의 숭고함이 악취의 역겨움으로 전도되는 과정을 보여주고자 했다.

White Painting from Milk, 2005
breast milk on cotton, 18 x 21 inch
The breast milk I collected from 10 nursing mothers now runs down on a canvas. The white mother’s milk starts to get rotten and stink very quickly, and it is no longer precious thing. This painting originated from my critical viewpoint on the Monochrome Painting prevailed in the 70′s in Korean art circle, but also suggests human judgment and distinction between the beauty and the ugly are very weak and arbitrary.